Help > The work you enter in your learning log isn't saved

Your learning log is saved each time you move to another page within the site or you click the 'Save' button. If you type into the learning log and close the browser without first moving to another page, signing out or clicking the save button then your work will not be saved.

If you are typing a large amount of text then click the save button every five minutes or so to be sure you do not lose your work. The site will automatically sign you out if you leave it for over 20 minutes (this includes if you are typing for over 20 minutes).

If you have saved your work and signed out, and nothing is visible when you return to your learning log, your system is not set up properly for you to use the website. Let your co-ordinator know, so that they can check that the technical requirements for the course are put in place by your IT department.


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