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First check if their external email is working. Sometimes email only works within the authority itself. Contact your IT department for help, or tell your colleague to get a personal free webmail address to use for this site.

Ideally each user will need their own personal external email address in order to register and use the site. Most free webmail addresses work fine if the user does not already have an email address. Here are some free webmail services available:


To login to the site cookies must be enabled in your browser. Please check with your IT department that your computer meets the technical requirements for the course. Here are examples of cookies set correctly in Internet Explorer and Firefox:

Internet Explorer
From the "Tools" menu select "Internet Options". Click the "Privacy" tab. Ensure the slider bar is set to "Medium High" or lower.

From the "Tools" menu select "Options...". Click the "Privacy" tab. Ensure "Accept cookies from sites" is checked.


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