Help > My trainee hasn't received an email with their password

Check that the trainee's email address is valid and working before you enter their details on the site by sending them an email outside of the course website. This is particularly important with hotmail addresses. Double check that you have typed the email address into the Trainee's details page correctly.

If you make a change, remember to click Save Changes. To resend a password, send the trainee a password reminder from the control panel.

Check that they have written into their address books, as well as your email address.

Occasionally emails from the Frontline website can be blocked by free webmail services. If this happens the emails will not arrive despite putting the address in your address book. Should this happen the best way of solving the problem is to register a different email address with another free webmail service. Your can check and view all emails sent to your trainees in the Email History section of the trainee details page.


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